North Knox Veterinary Clinic

4700 Central Avenue Pike
Knoxville, TN 37912



• Annual exams for healthy dogs and cats to confirm their good health and to find any health problems early.

• Exams for sick animals in order to diagnose and recommend treatment.

• Pre-anesthesia exams to determine health of surgical patients and help choose appropriate anesthesia.


• Routine vaccinations for cats and dogs. Each pet is evaluated on an individual basis to access which vaccinations are needed.


• Routine heartworm testing for dogs.

• Heartworm preventatives for dogs and cats.

• Fecal exams for diagnosis and treatment of intestinal parasites.

• Flea and tick preventatives for cats and dogs.


• Spaying of female and neutering of male cats and dogs.

• Exploratory surgeries for diagnostic purposes.

• Tumor removal surgeries (off-site laboratories are used for tumor analysis).

• Limited orthopedic surgery is available. Referrals are made for some surgeries.

• Pre-anesthetic blood testing is recommended and is available in-house.

•      Complete monitoring is available during surgery. This includes pulse ox (oxygen level), heart rate, temperature, ECG, respiration, blood pressure, CO2 levels.

• Gas anesthesia and pain management is used.


• Dental examinations and consultations are done yearly with comprehensive yearly physical.

• Routine teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing are done with an ultrasonic dental scaler.

• Extraction of broken or diseased teeth and treatment of periodontal disease.