North Knox Veterinary Clinic

4700 Central Avenue Pike
Knoxville, TN 37912


Dr. Tanya Hamilton:


Dr. Tanya Hamilton graduated from the University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. She worked for several years after graduation in Nashville and North Carolina.  After spending a few weeks in Haiti with Christian Veterinary Mission, she opened North Knox Veterinary Clinic in January of 1987. Dr. Hamilton has 3 children, adopted from Honduras and Guatemala - Seth, Joy, and Eli. She also has three grandsons, three very special boys, Gabriel, Adrian, and Ezekiel.


Dr. Seyfert graduated from Knoxville Catholic High School with honors in 1991. After graduation she pursued a Bachelor of Science at the University of Tennessee. She graduated in 1996 with a double major in Biology and Zoology and a minor in education. In 2002 Dr. Seyfert graduated from the University of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, Dr Seyfert accepted a position at a local veterinary clinic where she remained for a decade. When her first child was born, Dr. Seyfert decided to work part time to be more involved in her children's' lives. Dr. Seyfert continues to live in Knoxville, the town she loves with her husband Malcolm and her daughters, Sarah and Emma.